Nail Of the Day 10/19/11 Magnetic Polish

 My little sister recently got the new “magnetic polish” that just came out at Sephora and I thought I would try it out and post it here! If you love trying out new cool things for your nails this is definitely for you!….As long as you don’t mind paying $16. Right now they only have 3 colors a Chrome which is what i am wearing called “Trafalgar Square" then there is a purple which is called "Houses of Parliament" and then a teal which is called "Whitehall Teal”. I did 2 coats and this is what I did VERY simple! First you apply your first coat and let it dry like normal and once it dries you apply your second coat…heres the part thats cool! Once you have painted the coat on your nail take the cap part and hold it directly above your nail(without touching it) for about 10-15 seconds. Once you lift it off you have this really cool pattern! This may seem a little confusing at first but believe once you get the hang of it’s super easy! If your one of those people like me that likes to know how things work..look no further! Basically the nail polish itself has little particles of magnet in it and on the nail polish itself there is a cap that comes off that is a magnet so when you hold the cap above your nail it attracts the magnetic particles thats in the nail polish and makes the cool design that you simple but yet so chic! Love Love Love this product and definitely going to re-purchase for myself!